World Digital Multimedia offers numerous services to help Jacksonville businesses market online. We have done everything from ebook creation to producing a full length commercial. We also do custom programming and iPhone app creation. Our main goal is to help you make money. 75% of the U.S. economy comes from small businesses, and we want to make sure you get your percentage. If we're not helping you then we can't call it a service. Explanations of our services can be found below.

We mainly focus on marketing online for businesses with the use of video. We use many other tools to accomplish results for our clients as well. If you have a need online, chances are we can take care of it for you.

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   This is the most powerful and useful web marketing service that we provide.  We give you The Edge© over the competition with the best web design Jacksonville FL has to offer. Our vast knowledge of Jacksonville marketing will help you turn potential customers into paying customers.  With the correct use of Internet marketing and a web design professionally suited to convert window shoppers into loyal customers, your company can utilize our Jacksonville marketing services to put you over the top in your industry.  Selling to customers in Jacksonville is great, but selling to the BILLIONS of online shoppers around the world using our proven techniques is the best.  A few things we include in our Jacksonville Web Marketing service are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a professional site from our private web designer, website management to keep you at the top, and much more.  Search Engine Optimization in Jacksonville is very important in attracting customers over your competitors. SEO makes your website show up at the top of the search list for Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.  Managing and maintaining that web marketing presence will help customers keep finding your website as new competition comes into your industry.  Also, with our knowledge of how Jacksonville marketing works, we create your site so that customers are comfortable with your company and actually WANT to give you money. To find out more about Jacksonville Internet Marketing click here.

Internet Marketing

& Web Design


jacksonville video

   A strong tool for spreading the word about your brand, products, and services is video.  If a photo says a thousand words then imagine what video can do. We provide professional video production right here in Jacksonville.  With our help you can create any video from a 10 second quick tip video to a full fledged instructional video and distribute it to hordes of video sites such as youtube or facebook, generating huge traffic. Our Jacksonville video production team far exceeds the standards for quality and professionalism that no other video producing and marketing company has ever offered before. Combining video into your Jacksonville marketing plan is a sure way to get customers to know, like, and trust you. To find out more about Jacksonville Video Marketing click here.


Jacksonville Video



social nework marketing

   Have you heard the hype about social media marketing?  Well, we help you set up and manage all of the best social media sites with our unique and proven strategies. We provide you with steps to interact with customers, attracting them into your social circle, and telling their friends about you. This style of marketing can provide your company with an endless amount of new and repeat business.  The power of social media marketing is all over the news, and is not going away anytime soon. To find out more about Social Media Marketing click here.


Social Media Marketing



email and autoresponse marketing

   Email from businesses doesn’t have to be spam, especially when your customers want to read your emails.  People love getting emails from someone they like. Here at World Digital Multimedia, we craft every email program around the particular company’s needs. By using unique and custom strategies, your customers will look forward to your next email. We also help you build the best and most profitable prospect list by developing an optimized "opt in" page that will be distributed around the internet through video, podcasts, social networking, and blogging. None of which will need to be done by you. To find out more about Jacksonville eMail Marketing click here.


Auto-responding Emails



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   Yes, you've seen them. Flash Ads, they are everywhere, but with good reason. Flash ads are a VERY effective tool for internet marketing. With the right research for ad placement this new way of advertising is very valuable. Flash is a way to get the end user involved because they are an interactive way to advertise and market. Flash ads can even be made into games that provokes the users interest in the product. For more information on flash ads and banners click here.

Flash Ads


print marketing

    We create special promotions to generate buzz around your business.  We will create custom flyers, tri-folds, brochures, and advertisements to give your special promotion The EDGE© it needs to succeed. With our on site graphic designers we can take care of your every need from start to finish. Promotional marketing is a great way to boost sales in a very short period of time.  It also gives you the opportunity to create long lasting, loyal customer relationships. For more information on Jacksonville Print Marketing click here.


Print Marketing

& Promotions






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World Digital Multimedia provides the best services for businesses looking for Jacksonville Internet Marketing. Jacksonville marketing is evolving with the power of the internet, and companies need to embrace this and overcome the change. We offer the help needed at very affordable pricing for any size business. Our Jacksonville marketing services can be chosen in whatever variety you need; If you only need marketing help with your website design and search engine optimization, or you want to add social media marketing to your current campaign, then you only choose to pay for those marketing services. We want to help as many local businesses grow with Jacksonville marketing as possible.